Henry Jacobson Menswear

Henry Jacobson Menswear was essentially a
startup inside a larger and more stable company; Mulberry Neckwear. That didn’t insulate the
seven member Creative Services team (which
I managed) from the ever-changing daily
challenges associated with a small company
struggling to build a brand name for itself. As with most internal Art Departments, ours was put to task on a wide spectrum of design initiatives.

Projects for the 12 various lines of neckwear and menswear ranged from product graphics, such as woven labels sewn into the apparel, to in-store advertising, to retail store planning and merchandising. Being part of Henry Jacobson since it’s inception, my greatest area of growth was how I learned to love daily sea changes. I’m proud of the team I built and worked with and how we delivered a visually strong and consistant brand vision each and ever day. The vast number of projects we delivered over the four years were all well executed and "on brand."