Talented Brands Website

Talented Brands™ is a one-stop shop for companies looking for a brand name and logomark for their company, product, or service. The brief called for a site that was not only to be used to sell “brands on demand,” but a site that was an information portal for branding at large.

I placed the pulldown menus used for finding a brand name in the center of the entry page and then developed a grid for ancillary information such as a blog, tips, and FAQs around that. The color and center position of the search feature made it obvious that it was the most important element on the page.

The brand name design was also a project. The name "Talented Brands" was the final selection as it suggested the idea that the brands the company offered had multiple skills not unlike a magician or performer in a circus, for example. The splash page (not shown) uses the vernacular of the circus and the carnival to represent “talent.”