2000 – 2002

While Version 2.0 of consumer commerce site was the most important design initiative while I was Director of Design at Hotwire, there was certainly lots of other creative to complete.

During the dotcom explosion, banner graphics were extremely popular and Hotwire was at the forefront of ad spending in online advertising. We created hundreds of banner ads in a short period of time, many of the animated.

Our marketing department was also responsible for an impressive move when we decided to partner with a competing travel site Orbitz. “Rival as partner” was a pretty bold move in 2001. I was ask to develop Hotwire ads that would be placed on the Orbitz site. Schemes that would be beneficial to Hotwire, yet be acceptable, even pleasing, to Orbitz.

Beyond advertsing for on and offline locations and the design of the consumer site, my job as Director of Design was to shepard the visual aspects of the brand which included signage, internal communications, and many other visual mediums.