Hired as the first Director of Design at Hotwire, my role was to reinvision an early “proof of concept” version of the travel web site into a easy-to-use consumer commerce site (v.2) all the while building a creative team that could develop a variety of advertising and other creative in addition to the site's needs.

Although the earlier verions of the site was live and producing income, it simply lacked professionalism. It wasn’t commercial enough. It took well over six months to create Version 2.0 and while the site’s design has changed somewhat over the years, the basic colors, elements, navigation, etc, have remained as I had originally designed them. I’m particularly proud to have inplemented the concept of the industry’s bold and page-dominant search box that is now the standard across all travel sites.

To the right are just some of the specific elements that were developed for the site. For more of the Hotwire creative including advertising, please select Hotwire in the Employment-Academic History section.