Stitcher Radio On Demand

As Head of Design at my responsibilites include all aspects of visual design, user interface design and branding. Breaking down my focus, itís about 60% app and web visual design, 20% UI design, 10% brand design and strategy and 10% advertising, marketing
and sales collateral design.

When Stitcher approached me, I saw an amazing opportunity to apply my design theories to a set
of products that had a solid foundation, but at the
time, had little design emphasis
, not unlike many other
early stage startups.

An early successes was to completely redesign their logomark in concert with the redesign of the visual design for the iOS app. It was an open canvas, which
I really liked. The politics of revising a logo can be daunting and our CEO was self admittedly not a big design guy, but we came up with something that has been absolutely loved.

Iíve enjoyed once again being a on-hands designer
and less of a director. Along with just one junior visual designer, we created a huge amount of screen comps and we got to see them come to life in our products.
I would estimate weíve well created over 3000 mobile
and desktop quality comps in that timeframe.