Naming and Identity Graphics

Name design and identity graphics are my forté. There’s no other type of creative work I enjoy more. I’ve named dozens of companies, products, and services. A few of those names are listed below.

In addtion to naming, I’ve created hundreds of logomarks and dozens of full identity systems. I like to call logos “compressed naratives” as I believe they should quickly tell the appropriate story. To the right are a few recent examples.

Kidoky™ -A children’s clothing line.

Gratifly™ -A name for a website that instantly provides ringtones for mobile phones.

Uiqia™ -A unique type of music delivery system.

Growbility™ -A name for a Minnesota-based landscape firm.

FlexView Binders™ -A name for a presentation binder for Avery Dennison.

Loud Clap™ -A Public Relations firm.

Prizewise™ -A company name for a business that creates web auctions that awards prizes.

FocalMetrix™ -A business rating system for a Fortune 500™ Consulting Corporation.