Branding and

Design Strategy

Branding is obviously more than just logomarks. Even if one's job is simply to provide the visual components while others, such as an advertising firm, are responsible for the big marketing picture, it is the art director who must understand how communication channels such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force.

I have been involved in dozens of design initiatives at startups and large corporations alike. The primary marketing and visual design goals should unite and should always be the same; to make sure the product or service’s branding is lovable, understandable, consistent, and leads to sales.

I bring my years of service and knowledge of creativity for startups and big business alike to develop your design strategy. To the right is a single example of one of the brands I visually managed while at Mulberry Neckwear. Our in-house creative team was responsible for the stewardship of twelve brands including BDBG, Ben Sherman, Sean John, Kenneth Cole, and Claiborne. Each line had a remarkably different brand personality and the strategies we created around each help drive sales for each in the crowded field.